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Useless facts about my cat.

I discovered something amazing about Goten. Well, it probably isn't all that amazing to anyone but me. However, I feel it's worth noting in my journal.

If you pet Goten's nose he will start to purr. No matter what the circumstances. I have tried this when he's in a very playful mood and really doesn't want to be petted. Pet his nose and he'll purr anyway. I've tried it when he's asleep. Rub nose, purr. I've tried it when he's been begging me for food. No matter what is going on, if you pet Goten's nose, he'll beging to purr.

Of course you just can't pet his nose any old way. You have to pet it with the ball of your thumb and rub it up his nose.

Now, if you run your thumb up his nose again, his purr gets louder. And will continue to get louder for about four thumbstrokes. Then, I guess, we tax the purr box, cause it doesn't get any louder after that. He will though, after four good thumb strokes, lift his head in your direction, scrunch up his nose, his lower lip will drop, showing us his teeth, and he'll look like he's in total ectasy.

But the purr thing fascinates me. Not only does my cat have a purr button, but it has a volume control.

Chrissy loves to have her nose stroked too, but she won't always begin to purr if you stroke it. Chrissy is very particular about when and where she gets affection.

Other news? Yeah, I haven't been around much... everything going on with Todd, I just didn't have the energy to get online. Now that he's home, I've been spending a lot of my time filling out applications for work. No bites yet, but I'm not discouraged, I'd imagine a lot of places aren't even going to think about interviews until after this week is over.

Car is still looking awesome. The body shop that repaired it did an excellent job. In fact, the car is really in better shape than it was before the accident, because there were a few deep scratches in that door. I'd tried those rubbing compounds to get the scratches out, but they didn't work, that's how deep they were. Now, the car has no scratches.

They also waxed the car. Shampooed the inside upholstry, even the cheap 9.95 dollar car mats we bought 4 years ago for the Saturn. They look brand new.

The whole car looks brand new.

The only time I've ever had body work done, was back when I was 20. The place I took it to was the place suggested by my insurance company. The work they did was terrible. The fender they replaced didn't match the rest of the car. "Oh, that's just cause the paint we used is newer. In a few months, it'll match up." Oh bullshit. In a few months, the fender had fadded to several shades lighter than the rest of the car. Also, the whole fender began to rust. When I had picked up the car, the full tank of gas was down to fumes. (People told me they saw my car all around town before it was fixed, so I think they were using it as a general errand car, on my gas) the inside of the car was greasy and filthy and I never did get it fully clean.

This time, my car is so darned pretty that I'm almost reluctant to drive it. They even scrubbed the hubcaps and used tire clean on the tires, so they are such a shiny black they could hurt your eyes.

Yeah, I'd rather have not had an accident, but...it's nice to get the car back in better shape than it was before the accident.
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