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Update 3

Todd's home.

All tests show...well, nothing. Which, is good, but still sends that trickle of worry through me.

Although, sometimes it occurs to me that we as humans, have a tendency to think that we live in an all-knowing time. Which, when you compare it to the past, is true. There are vaccines and innoculations against illnesses that wiped out people of my parents generation without a single thought.

Yet, there is still a lot we don't know.

So, while Todd's test may indicate that "nothing could be found." It could also mean, "Cause something happened that we can't identify yet."

Fortunately, whatever it was seems to be a glitch and I cling to the thought that it's all there is, not that something is looming over the horizon, waiting to sink it's teeth into him, but instead, just an honnest to goodness glitch of health. A minor virus that attacks the chest area, that's small and insignificant and easily overcome. A strained muscle in the chest area that cannot be detected by means we have yet, but gave him chest pains and discomfort, but really will be just fine.

I'm half way between convincing myself that everything is going to be all right and being a bit worried that I'm being overly optitmistic.

Also, I was able to pick up our car today. Yeah, we had to pay the deductable. Not happy about that, cause I still say it was the other guy's fault. That he did not have control of his vehicle and he was driving way too far over. However, I'm so weary from this battle and I'm so pissed off at the police and how it was handled that I just want it to be...over.

Of course, we didn't have all the money to pay off the deductable, but the place was really nice. I gave them over half of it, and wrote a check for the rest that they can cash next week. Of course, they are getting a huge amount of money from the insurance company, so they probably aren't too worried.

So, car is back. Todd is home. Our small, insignificant world is returning back to normal.

Again, thank you to all of you. The wishes expressed, the concern, it means so much to both of us.

Tonight we're having cheeseburgers. Cause, that's what he wants.

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