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*Yawn Stretch* Where the heck am I?

Guess this chest cold was worse than I thought. I've been pretty much out of it since we came back from vacation. I still don't feel 100%, but at least I'm somewhat cohereant. Gotta be grateful for the little things.

I'm going to see if I can function an entire day without feeling like I'm about to fall asleep or walk into walls, or cough up a lung. If I can do that, I'll try for tomorrow too. If that fails, then I've got to try to get to my doctor.

The cats have been a wonderful comfort through all of this. There's nothing like being slowly forced off your own bed to make you feel like you're really cared about. That and having your feet barfed on. I'm going to take the optimistic viewpoint on that last one and tell myself Chrissy did it to keep my feet warm. Yeah, deep down I know that's BS, but if a little spin doctoring keeps me from killing her, that's all good.

I hate season changes.

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