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Walked another 11.00 miles today. Which means I've walked 22 miles for the week so far, which isn't bad at all. I do seem to have a great crop of blisters though, which is annoying the hell out of me. I thought I was over the blister problem. I even was using vaseline, which usually stops blisters. But nope, I have three new ones. Soon I'll have to sit down with the steril pin and the antibiotic ointment.

Goten has invented an entirely new way of eating crunchies. This rather surprises, me, because as dumb as it is to try to find a new way to eat food that other cats have been eating just fine for many years, it does show some creativity on Goten's part that he wishes to find new ways of eating.

He sits as far away from the dry food bowl as he possibly can, and still reach it with his paw.

He pulls the bowl towards him, so it hits him in his fat gut.

Between hitting his gut and the paw being in the dish, he manages to flick a few crunchies onto the floor.

He then swipes at the crunchies, hitting all but one of them under something he can't reach.

He then eats the remaining crunchie.

Then, he steps back from the bowl and does it allll over again.

I've been wondering why we've been going through dry food way too quickly, and why the dry food bowl keeps showing up in other parts of the kitchen then where it's suppose to be. The mystery is solve, gang. And well before Fred pulled off Goten's head to find that Goten is really Mean Old Mr. Marley who wants to see the amusement park closed because it's rumored there's oil on the property.

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