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I walked 11 miles today.

I have brand new blisters despite slathering my feet with petrolium jelly. My back is sore, the last mile was one of the slowest miles I ever walked.

But, I did it. I walked 35 miles this week. Even with taking three days off and being only able to do six miles yesterday, cause of weather, I still managed to make my goals.

Now, if I could only see some results from all this walking, but if anything, I've put on weight since I've started. I'm in the middle of my period, so I hope I'm just retaining some water. But, I keep reminding myself that I've cut down drastically on my smoking, which the doctor warned me might mess up my metabolism.

But, it's really discouraging when you've been walking the distances I've been walking for a little over a month and instead of pants fitting loser, they seem to be tighter.

Still, I walked eleven miles today.

I just have to keep telling myself that even if I don't lose an ounce or an inch, I started walking for my health. Even if I stay the same as I am now, the walking will improve my health.
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