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Goten has gone back to wanting me dead.

I don't understand this, for awhile, we seemed to have reached an agreement. I fed him and changed his litter box. He realized that while I might live to make his life miserable, by doing such intolerable things, like refuse to let him use every wooden thing in the house as a scratching post. or to use my leg as a scratching post, I was still a rather necessary part of life.

So, he stopped trying to kill me for a bit.

I think now it was to lull me into a false sense of security while he thought of newer and better ways to bring about my demise. Cause now, all gloves are off.

I cannot move without Goten being in my way. I go into the kitchen, he shimmies in front of me, right in front of me, so I trip over him. If I'm washing dishes, he comes up right behind me, so the moment I back up, I trip over him.

And if I dare try to do anything even remotely dangerous, like, oh, let's say, lift a pot of pasta that's in boiling water off the stove so I can drain it? He's doing the "Cat Dance O'Doom," twining around my legs like a slinky in a cat's body.

He's got this down quite well he does. At night, when I fall asleep, he leaps up beside me, resting his paw on my lower back, and the moment I move even one hair, he digs his claws into my back. This of course, wakes me up. Then, the moment I fall back asleep, he does it again. Know why? So I won't get a good night's sleep, so I'll be even more clumsy the next day and more likely to fall for his games.

So, if I suddenly disappear from Live Journal forever, you'll know that Goten got me. And knowing that little bastard, he'll find a way to make it look like it was entirely my fault before Todd gets home.
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