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And to continue the trend of rock star ponies...

Finished the 1st of the Alice Cooper ponies. (I have plans to make another in "mini" version, just for the heck of it.)

It's hard to define Cooper into one color/outfit etc. He's primarily known for wearing black, but he's worn a lot of other colors on stage as well. It was easier with KISS who seem to be a "black and white" group. So, I finally settled on trying to make a "suggestion" of the "Welcome To My Nightmare" cover, which explains the top hat. Of course on the cover of WTMN he's not wearing makeup, but personally, I don't care.

KISS suggests themselves easier with ponies, but I'm still pleased with how this fellow turned out. He can join the collection and whomp on the KISS ponies.
Tags: alice cooper, mlp

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