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It's nighttime....

Well, I did a few productive things today. I transfered over some of my stories for the new site, made appropriate index pages for those that needed them, etc. etc.

Of course, with every thing I do achieve, I realized how much I still have to do. Oh well, at least it's something I enjoy. :-)

Todd got home around five thirty, still happy about the job, and slightly buzzed from too much caffene. I guess that gourmet coffee is pretty good stuff!

We went out for dinner, because niether of us were in any sort-of mood to cook. Not to mention it's hard to whip up a meal out of noddles, baking soda, and bread crumbs. We ended up going for Chinese food, because that was the only place that didn't have a waiting line from 'ell. I was getting awful bored with Chinese food, but I ordered the seafood plate and it was so good. Lobster, shrimp, and scalops. Not the tiny bay scalops either, but the big, sweet, sea scalops. Mmmmm... Todd hates seafood, I feel so sorry for him.

When we got home, Todd's brother called. Since he works in computers (He's been a computer guru/geek since... oh, let's say birth) he was thrilled with Todd's new job. They had a fun time comparing companies and promising to visit each others companies web sites.

My parents returned from vacation. I told them about Todd's job and they are almost dancing with joy. God, I love my folks. They get so excited when something good happens to us. I'll bet they'll send Todd a congrats card soon enough. That's the type of thing they do, they're so sweet. I did not tell them I fainted. I don't want them to worry, since it's all okay.

Todd left a message with Clay, his fellow geek friend (They both met while working at Radio Shack, if that doesn't qualify them as two geeks in a pod, I don't know what does.) He can't wait to talk to Clay and have Clay drool over the systems Todd is working on. And oh yes, Clay will drool. When Todd starts talking about motherboards with dual one-gig processors and 500 meg ram strips, my inner geek comes out and begins to drool. "Ohhhh tell me more about programing the bios, big boy!"

All in all though, with people notified, and the work I've done on my page (more to be done later as well) I think it's been a pretty good day, considering I woke up in the afternoon.

Todd's going into work tomorrow. Hmm.. let's see... He started Thursday, by tomorrow, when his first week stops, he'll have put in over 25 hours. Not bad for two and a half days.

Off to do some more page work...

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