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Honest, I don't eat that!

Walked 8 miles today. Had to make up for crashing yesterday, I guess. Anyway, so I walked 8 miles. About six miles into it, I come to a place where the houses are built on hills. Pretty steep hills. No sidewalks either. So, I sorta have to skirt along the road. I've gotten pretty good at scrunching up the hill a bit when a car is coming.

So, I'm walking...and I come along a couple crows munching out on a dead squirrel in the road. And, I guess these crows were pretty hungry, because rather than fly off when I got close, they started...well, chasing me. One would hop over towards me, making threatening noises and general cawing. I'd back off. I'd get close and they'd start again. It was like this five foot circle around the dead squirrel they were trying to protect.

I didn't want to walk five feet into the road, because there was a bend coming in the road and I'd be in a blind spot if a car came. But nor can I argue with the bird. I'm already looking like an idiot, cause I'm going, "Hey, hey, trust me, crows, I don't want your dead squirrel. Really. It's all yours, have at it!" But they aren't listening.

Finally I scrambled up the hill, behind the stone wall in front of the house, walked around the dead squirrel and then back down.

The crows seemed to be fine with this.

Quoteth the Raven's, "This is my squirrel, beeyach, and you ain't gettin' none!"
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