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Walking confusion and a question...

Walked 6.5 miles today. Did 8.5 yesterday. I'm not sure why I'm doing all this walking, because it doesn't seem to be helping me much. *Shrugs* I still feel uncomfortable and out of place in my own skin lately. Not a great feeling, in fact, I rather hate it. Life is aaaaaalllll about me, in my mind, yet it isn't very comforting, when all you can do is yell at yourself about how much you suck. I'd much prefer to be in an "all about me" mood because I'm just too great for words.

I still want to write a review on the cheesy movie I was sent. This will be one of life's great mysteries, because no one will come forward and say they are the ones who sent it. (Not like I have a huge list of people to go through...) Yet, whoever did, knows my tastes perfectly. But, I want to watch it again in all its cheesy glory and then I'll write a review on it. Cheesy horror movies are the best. In fact, I believe it's a requirement to be truly cheesy that it must also be a horror movie right?

I had some deep, insightful things to say today... I was thinking of all of them while I was walking. But, then my brain exploded and I totally forgot them. So, consider yourselves lucky, you've been spared my hometown, antisocial .02 cents of wisdom.

I do have one burning question though, if anyone wants to take a stab at this one:

If the wind isn't blowing, and I'm walking on pretty much paved roads, how the hell do I get sand in my ears? Cause this is totally bugging the crap out of me.
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