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I did my walk backwards today. No, I didn't walk backwards, I just ended up going down the street I usually use to come home on and then coming home on the street I usually start on. Either way, I walked 8.25 miles. My feet are sore. For some reason it seemed longer doing it that way.

Found out they shut off the water at the cemetaries at 5:00. I wasn't very happy, because I was really thirsty and my water was gone. Thankfully, I was close to home.

My feet are sore.

Came home... my hair was totally drenched with sweat. I mean drenched so I could wring it out. So was my shirt. It didn't seem that hot today, nor was I walking that fast.

My feet are sore.

My hands are all swollen. They get that way when I walk too much, this is apparently normal. When I got home, I ended up taking a shower and drinking 2 quarts of water. This is supposedly good for me. *Shrug*

Oh, did I mention that my feet are sore? Well, they are.
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