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While it is not super hot, it is super humid, so it's sorta six of one, half dozen of the other. When it's humid it feels hotter and the blankets get clammy feeling.

I feel like such a horrible Mommy. Somehow, my cats have gotten fleas. I don't really worry about fleas because I don't let the cats out, but somehow, they got fleas. And, because I wasn't checking, it was suddenly like they were infested. Yesterday I washed both cats (they were absolutely delighted) and put some of that flea stripe stuff on their necks. I also bought raid flea spray and I've been spraying the hell out of the house. I hope we don't have to bomb the place, I really do. But my poor kitties! It was like one day they were fine and the next, they were absolutely infested.

The only thing I can think of is that sitting on the window ledge fleas were able to get through the screen. I'm going to have to make cedar cushions for the windows again. In the meantime, my cats are extremely irritated at me because I bathed them. For some reason, dealing with nasty biting fleas is a better thing than a bath.

I also think they're playing me up for sympathy. "Waaaa, our kitty lifes are ruined, give us tunafish!"

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