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I didn't fall asleep until about 4:00 this morning, and I don't think I really fell asleep, I think I did pass out, cause I was sitting on the couch working on hairing up the Eric Carr pony, and the next thing I know it, it was eight o'clock and I was still sitting up, the pony head in my hands.

Decided at that point to lay down and I passed out again. Which, I suppose is good.

I really need to do some housecleaning today. But I feel like my joints have become overly stretched rubber. They freaking ache.

I have a whole bunch of fake hair, in both realistic hair colors and colors not found in nature. (This is to do the ponies with) The stuff gets over the house. I told Todd that if he wants to have an affair that now is the time to do it, because he could come home with hair all over him and I'd never figure it out.

His opinion? "Only you would not only think of that, but then make sure to let me know."

We went out a bit ago to pick up groceries and do a couple other errands. When we left WalMart, we decided to have a smoke. So, we were leaning against the car smoking, when these four kids drove up. Two couples, probably about 16 or 17.

They get out of the car, and it's clear the two boys are in some sort of disagreement, cause they're snapping at each other, playing that game of, "Quit being such a douche!" that teenage boys play. And they both look pretty upset.

One of the girls stop and goes, "I'm sick of this. You two better make friends right now!"

The two guys looked at each other, then without missing a beat, went running to each other, threw their arms around each other, started going, "Oh, I'm sooo sorry!" then the taller one, dipped the shorter one, started giving him a hell of a kiss.

They ended up falling on the ground together, and start dry humping each other.

The two girls turned all sorts of interesting shades of purple and red, and ran off into the store, trying to act like they didn't know these guys.

The two guys laughed, got into the car and drove off.

In my opinon, the two guys made a better looking couple together, than they did with the girls.

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