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I saw nothing of interest today

I walked today and nothing caught my eye. I'm not sure if I'll go walking tomorrow, because we've got a day of fun errands and all such planned. Including the yearly "Hootiesmash" as my husband calls it. Todd just freaking rocks. Cause it's hard to get all worried and nervous about something that your husband is giving you this bugeyed look and making up little songs about. Many to the tune of "Monster Mash."

I dream in 3rd person most of the time. Some folks call them "movie" dreams, because I feel most of the time that I'm watching a movie and I'm not "in" a dream. If I have dreams where I'm in them, they are usually nightmares. In fact, if I ever realize, "Oh crap, this is a dream!" I geer myself to immedietly wake up, because I know the nightmare</i> is coming. If I dream in first person and it's not a nightmare, it's usually totally flipped out crazy (like the dream about the deaf cat I had with indigoskynet and kuchenhexe in it. )

Well, last night I had a weird third person dream.

In the dream, there were these two girls arguing. And even though I'm watching this dream and it's just started, I knew the background of the two girls already. The one girl was a "sort of" clone of the other girl. Not a true clone, because a true clone would have no soul... (Yes, that's right, clones have no souls damn it, all those years of reading Grimjack taught me something) but this strange duplicated person who was made in a test tube with "parts" from the one person and then "fed" altered memories so that she grew up thinking that she was the twin of the one. I can't remember their names in the dream, but for the sake of argument, I'll call the original one Melody and the copy Melanie.

Okay, so you with me so far? Melody is the original, Melanie is a genetically manipulated copy who believes she's the twin sister of Melody. Melanie is better looking than Melody and has a better body. In my dream this seems right too.

And they are fighting. Melody has grabbed Melanie by the arms and is screaming at her. "You think you're better than me, you're not, you are me! All you are, all you were, that's all ME! Every good thing that you remember from your childhood, didn't happen to you, it happened to ME! You think you fell in love with him and he with you? Bullshit, I fell in love with him, he fell in love with me, then made you for him!"

And Melanie is screaming, "Nooooo!"

I can figure out from what Melody was screaming that she made this... weird twin for some guy. But I don't understand why she had to make another "version" of herself for this mystery man, why she just couldn't be with him herself. When I was having the dream, it was totally logical that she make a version for herself for this guy, but now I'm realizing that I don't really know the reason.

Well, I end up waking up.

And I think to myself, Wow, that would make such a fantastic scene for a story! Such a darned shame I have no clue why the one had to create the other for the guy, instead of being with him herself. Too bad,

But it's my stupid dream so shouldn't I be able to figure it out?

It's not as hot today as it was yesterday, but it's not exactly cool either. I want to go out for a ride, but with the cost of gas I'm rather reluctant. I also should wash the walls and do some laundry, but I don't really want to do that either. Nope, no one is going to give me the "Housewife of the year" award.

I also rediscovered an entire box of notes and other gaming stuff from the game I ran for years, that officially is still going on, even though we never can get together, unless it's an extremely rare occation. This box was sealed up in the basement. There are toy guns in the box, so we must have been doing some live action stuff. And a few other "props" too. Lots of notes and lots of cassette tapes too. I should look them over and give them a listen. Then, I should probably have a big bond fire and burn it all. *Snorts* Donate the toy props that I can to Salvation Army.

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