Darqstar (darqstar) wrote,

Well, we have our car back. They did fix the problem that they caused and they fixed the problem with the key. They had to take it to a Pontiac dealer to get that fixed. They were sure to give us a copy of the recipt that they got for the work done at the Pontiac dealer, which claimed the part cost eight bucks and they the labor was 215 dollars. Do I believe they payed that much to have the car fixed? Nope. They probably have a deal worked out "If we get a used Pontiac we can't fix, we'll send it to you, if you have a used Dodge you sold that you can't figure out, you'll send it to us."

We had this semi confirmed by someone who has worked for new car dealerships before. No, they couldn't garentee it beyond a shadow of a doubt, but they did say that the chances are really good that they got a significant discount on the labor, and the recipt was written up to show what I would have paid, if I'd had to pay for this to be fixed myself. In other words, "See what great guys we are? See what we paid to have your car fixed?"

The problem is that I don't really care. I never should have had to deal with this in the first place.

I also mailed the letter. We'll see what happens.

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