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Yesterday was "interesting"

I generally don't like "Interesting" days.

It started so innocently too. Wednesday, we took the car to the Pontiac dealer so they could fix the recall problem. We walked over to the diner for breakfast. We came back and they came out and said, "Uh, we don't have the parts to do the recall, but we did find the valve cover gasket needs to be replaced and so does the ignition, it will cost you 400 dollars."
To which I said, "Bullshit, the car is under warenty. But why the heck didn't you have the parts to fix the recall, I made this appointment two weeks ago!"

"They didn't come in."

"And you couldn't call me to tell me this, because...?"

The counter guy rolls his eyes like I'm really quite dumb and goes, "The parts department doesn't let us know if parts are in or not, until we ask for them."

So, the recall is left at "We'll call you to reschedual when the parts come in."

Now however, I am totally pissed that our valve cover is leaking. I'll buy Pride not noticing the ignition switch was going. That's not a common problem. But to not notice the valve cover was leaking? When we popped the hood of the car, I noticed some oil (before I bought it) and was told, "That's spillover, they just changed the oil."
Supposedly, this car underwent some (insert large number here) point inspection test before we bought it. We were told this up, down and sideways. "We do that with every car we take in!"

But yet, they could miss something like this. Uh huh, gotcha. You're liers. Your "inspection" was probably to start the car, if it started, yippie, if it didn't, oh well.

So, we go up to Pride where the attitude is "I don't know why you're upset, the car is under warenty, we will fix iit."

And I keep saying, "But why wasn't the problem caught in the first place?"

No one, and I mean no one will answer that question. Every time I ask it, the subject is promptly switched.

So, the end results of this is that I'm told to bring the car in the next day, which was yesterday.

We bring the car in at 8:00 in the morning. They have to go for the parts. They don't do a diagnosis on the car themselves, because I have the diagnosis from Pontiac. They just decide to do the work Pontiac said needed to be done.

That being the case, why didn't they just get the parts yesterday?

Now, they happen to be going to the same Pontiac dealer we went to, to get the replacement parts. We went up there durring rush hour, we had to pass the place where they went, and we made it to them in 25 minutes,

They went at 9:00 (when Rushhour is pretty much over) and it took them 1:15 to get to the place. Yes, we were told this was the only place he had to go, he wasn't picking up any other parts.

So we wait

And we wait

And we wait.

Finally 12:00 rolls around. We were told the valve job took 45 minutes. But, the supposed "Good news" is that they have the parts for the ignition switch, the car will be totally fixed, yippie!

Then they call us out of the waiting area. We go out into the "drop off" area where we are told that 1: The part they got to fit the ignition switch didn't fix the problem. And, since they didn't diagnose this, but Pontiac did, the blame is being pointed at Todd and I. Not them of course, they just followed what Pontiac said the problem was.

That's not the end of the fun...

They then tell us that while installing the new ignition parts, they broke our steering colum.

At this point, I am so pissed off, so I say, "What the hell is going on here? I have been lied to every step of the way on this car and now I'm being told you broke my goddamned car?"

To which I am told that I am not allowed to get upset, nor to raise my voice, because it wasn't the guy I've been talking to's fault, he didn't break my car. And why should I be upset anyway, it was "human error after all."

You know... at places I've worked, "Human error" like that can usually get you fired. But apparently here, breaking cars is nothing to get upset about and well, ya know, we're all human so hey, go ahead, break a car or two. It's not a big deal.

I then say, "When can our car be fixed? BOTH the ignition problem and the part you guys broke?

"Uh... we dunno, the parts are on order... "

Then, the guy who broke our car, for some reason, comes out and talks to me like I'm five years old. He can barely speak english and he's going, "Sometimes you put the key in the ignition and you can't get it to move..."

Well DUH! That was the problem in the first place. I think I've noticed it.

He's not even sure the problem can be fixed. Oh BULLSHIT. Of course the problem can be fixed.

Meanwhile, I'm trying to find out when they'll have the parts and how long it will take to fix the car. Apparently, the car is drivable, just we can't mess with the steering wheel too much. Gotcha, I'll drive the car, but I won't mess around with the steering wheel. Well, actually, we can use the steering wheel, we just can't adjust it.

Forgive me, if I'm not delierious with joy over driving a car where the steering wheel has a problem. To me it's sorta like, "Well, the car is fine, but the tires are a bit delicate, so try not to drive on the tires, 'kay?"

So, they can't tell me when the parts will be in, nor can they tell me how long I'll have to wait in their showroom again to get the car to work. Yippie! "You can't even give me an idea?"

"No, I can't. It might be an hour, it might take six or seven hours."

They finally decide they will pay for a rental. Of course, I have to give them 50 dollars of my money, for some dumbass reason, but I will supposedly get that back when the car is returned. Well, I really don't want to spend my life waiting for the car to be fixed, so I say that's fine.

They call Enterprise who is trying to shove us in a titanic sized cargo van They are claiming that's alllll they have. I'll be dipped if I'm going to drive around in a gas guzzling cargo van.

Well, after a lot of "Now what the fuck are we going to do?" a Chevy Malibu shows up. They call Enterprise and ask if we can have that. We are told we can. For once something is working out.

The enterprize people arrive. We take the Malibu back to their office. I give them the fifty bucks. They tell me that we aren't getting the Malibu, we're getting a Toyota Celica instead. I really don't care.

While we're working on getting that car, some woman comes in and gets upset because she doesn't want a cargo van either. It is suggested that maybe we can take the cargo van. I give the person who suggested it a look of pure fire and say, "No way. Our driveway won't hold it, and I ain't paying for gas."

So, we finally get the Celica instead.

And now we're left with not knowing when we can pick up our car. or even if they plan on fixing the ignition problem, or just repairing what they broke on the car.

And somehow through all of this, Pride is trying to make me feel like this is all really my fault, not theirs, and I have no right to be upset with them. Aren't they doing their best to fix these problems?

And all my mind can say is, "But dudes, you broke my car."

Not only did they not fix the problem, they added another problem onto it.

The Celica ain't bad, but I really want my car back.

I just don't get it. I don't get the Pontiac dealer not having the parts to fix the recall problem, yet not thinking it was any big deal that we came down, waited, and now will have to do it again. What if I worked and took the day or the morning off for this? I don't get Pride's attitude of, "Well, c'mon, so what if we broke your car. We're all human you know. And gosh, we're nice enough to fix it in the first place."

Nice enough? shit, we haven't even owned the damned car for a month yet, and by Massachusetts lemon laws, they have to fix it, but they're doing me a goddamned favor by following to that law.

And I'm still totally bullshit about the valve cover gasket being messed up in the first place. As I said, I can overlook the igntion switch problem. It's not common. But wouldn't any mechanic worth a dime, have spotted a leaking valve cover gasket?

I'm half tempted when they call us to tell us to pick up the car to say, "And did you do a full point inspection on the car like you should have done before we bought it? Will you put that in writing that you did it, so I can take it to the Pontiac dealer again and have him do another diagnosis and tell me if the car is really okay?

I understand we didn't pay an arm and a leg for the car, but six grand ain't exactly "Nothing" either.

And goddamn it, they broke my car while fixing it. And they think this is perfectly acceptable!

I want to work for them, I really do. I want a job where I can break things and take two hours to do a 1 hour errand and none of this is ever my fault, that breaking things is "Human error" and taking way too long to get parts is worthy of only a shrug and a "Well, ya know, these things happen."

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