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I still don't want a cell phone...

But...I have to admit, the commercials for T-Mobile pay as you go, cracks me up. The ones where you have Joe Average doing whatever, and along comes "Poser mobile" It's the Asian guy who gets me every single time. The one with the godawful hat doing that whole "Wannabegansta" thing with the hands. He's wearing this baby blue outfit, doing the finger diving move, going, "Yo! 25 cents a connect, yo!" And his little buddies saying stuff like, "Extra dollah a day, EXTRA!" But he's the one that gets me everytime, cause once Joe Average confronts him with, "You're Posers!" he always gets this look like, 'Uhm... can't think of a lie fast enough..." And, he's so cute. Not in a "God I wanna date you" way, at least to me, it's more of a, "Aww, I wanna take you home and put you on a shelf, in a little plastic box, next to the beanie babies."

They should give that guy his own show. He'd be fantastic. Just wear that hideous baby blue outfit and do that whole "wannabe" act. I'd watch it. And probably laugh my ass off. Then again, I'm easily amused.

Speaking of "easily amused" my head doctor gave me the adult ADD test. I'll finish it and bring it in the next time I see her, which will be in about six weeks. Which, I'll desperately need to finish the darned thing, because it's about 80 pages of questions. I said to the doctor, "God damn it, the test is a test," and we all laughed about that. We figure if you can finish the test, you don't have ADD.

I've also upped my medication, again. I hope it helps more. I'm down to a pack a day, but it's a lot rougher going than the pack and a half was. But still, most days I say, "Oops, I might go over today, I'm not doing so well," and I usually come in under the pack. But there are a few times durring the day where I'm playing the game of, "Want one, oh, c'mon Darq, wait a moment... want one... c'mon, you can wait five more minutes..." and I've become downright compulsive about counting my cigarettes and trying to figure out if I'm ahead or behind the game. Right now the goal is to not smoke more than one every hour. Sometimes I can do that, but sometimes I fail. But, as long as I don't go over a pack in a day, I figure I've "Won" for the day.

I end up worried about keeping track, so every day, I open up a new pack. I take whatever is left in the old pack and put that away. When I have enough "leftovers' to make a new pack (which I did today) I will do that.

But, eh, little baby steps I guess are what counts.

Now, I'm going to go back to giggling about the guy on the T-Mobile commercials, cause he really is funny.

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