Darqstar (darqstar) wrote,

Went for my walk today. The most unusual thing I saw? A kid's little red wagon filled with Kelbasa. I'm not kidding. It was still in it's packages too, just sitting out on the lawn.

It wasn't in bags, which would have told me someone had taken the little red wagon to do their shopping and hadn't quite gotten around to bringing it in the house. It was 8:00 in the morning and no grill in sight, which tells me this wasn't being planned for a BBQ. It was just a wagon full of Kelbasa, sitting on a front lawn.

There was also a car in the driveway and this was a single family home, so this rather indicates that the wagon is not what someone uses to transport their groceries because they must walk to the store.

And, even if that was true, why would someone buy an entire wagon load of Kelbasa?

I'm sure there is a perfectly reasonable explanation, but that didn't stop me from flirtting with the idea of knocking on the door of the house and asking what that explanation was. I didn't do it, but I sure thought about it.

I need to make new icons. God knows I can have more icons now than I'll ever use.

I also need to figure out how to use the photo storage too.

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