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This was *my* day!

If you love old musicals, especially those with a realistic portrayal of New York City gangs, try singing this to the tune of "I Feel Pretty!"

What do you mean, the gangs in New York City don't spontaniously burst out in fits of perfectly choreographed song and dance numbers? Thank you so much for ruining my dreams.

I feel stupid
Oh so stupid
I feel stupid, retarded, and dumb
I'm so stupid
I begin every sentence by saying, "Uhm..."
(la la la la la la la la la!)

I'm a moron
Such a moron
I'm a moron, an idiot, a freak
I'm such a moron
That I'm amazed I ever learned to speak.
(la la la la la la la la la!) C'mon folks, sing this with feeling damn-it!

Gonna end this
Gonna end this
Gonna stop it, and end it and leave
Gonna end this
Cause I need to remember to breathe
(la la la la la la la la la!)

This is my tribute to West Side Story.
And to my day in general.

Hope yours was better!

:::Dances off to the kitchen for some Ben & Jerry's Phish food; cause we all know that there are very few problems in this world that can't be cured with a pint of Ben & Jerry's Phish food. Except for the problem of your pants not fitting anymore... but who cares!:::

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