Darqstar (darqstar) wrote,

Happy Easter

I am so completely stuffed on ham. Yes, that's right, ham. It's easter you know. I also have way too many peeps. Got 4 packages of those suckers.

Good Easter this year. Just me, Todd and the folks. Folks are doing well. Didn't get a chance to see my great niece, which I'm a little bummed about, but eh, I suppose I'll see her soon enough.

Mom sent us home with lots of ham, so right now, Goten is my bestest friend in the whole wide world. Yes he is. Chrissy, much to my surprise has not figured out that I have brought home the food of the gods. She will soon enough, because Goten will tell her, I'm sure. Then, my life will be a living hell as they beg me for ham.

But, right now, I'm completely exhausted. I think the antibiotics are making me more tired to be honest. I've heard that can happen. But it's like I'm sleeping a good eight hours a night and I always wake up feeling like I could use a couple more. So, I'm going to bed.

Hope everyone had a good Easter or if you didn't celebrate, I hope you had a good Sunday.

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