Darqstar (darqstar) wrote,

Not that anyone cares....

...but I finally masterd Homecrafter for Sims2. Which means that now I can make my own wallpaper, which I have been doing.

And, I noticed most of the wallpaper I make has a black theme to it. Black and white. Oh sure, I've made a bit of golden, a bit of peach, but mostly, black and white. What people rarely seem to understand is that when used right, black can and does brighten up a room.

I think the most amazing thing about Homecrafter is that it's very simple to use, but explaining it seems to be difficult. Everyone told me, "Oh no, the readme file is all you need." Not me. I stared at the read me file. I printed it out and read it offline to really study it, and almost ended up eating it, cause maybe digesting it would help me. I didn't understand.

Then, those two brain cells of mine fired off together and I said, "I'll bet some decent person on the 'net has figured out how to do this and wrote simple instructions that even a moron like you could follow, Darq!" So, I skipped off to Google, and in about, oh, .5 seconds, I found a place.

Here it is: http://www.simjunction.com/sims2walltutorial1.html It works with PSP, which is my graphics program, so that made it even better. And, they give you all the peices to assemble your first wall, so you can do that to start with, just to figure it out, then go looking for your own creations or make your own textures. It's all fairly easy.

I think I'll X-post this to 2addicted2sims2 cause I might not be the only person who wanted to make her own wallpaper, but just couldn't figure out how.

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