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Great fun, you really should try this!

To all you wives and girlfriends out there, I have a nifty little trick you can play on your boyfriend/husband.

What you need:

1: A husband/boyfriend who only gets what he needs, when he needs it.
2: To be the one in the household who usually runs to pick up stuff when needed.
3: To be overstocked on all your personal grooming products, especially shampoo and anti-persperant.

Okay, here is what you do... at some point your husband/boyfriend will run out of personal hygene supplies, like shampoo and deodorant. When he is running low, he will probably tell you. What you do is be scatterbrained like me, and keep forgetting. If you have to, be like me and keep getting other personal hygene products, because you know he needs something, you just can't remember what it is. Shaving cream is a good bet, along with razors, toothpaste, toothbrushes, asprin, etc.

At one point, your husband will run out of these two items. If you plan it right, it will be at the same time, and he won't notice until it's time for him to get ready to go to work.

After he asks where his new stuff is, tell him, "Oopsie, I'm so sorry, but I keep forgetting! I really have to write this down!" Then, give him a bottle of your shampoo and one of your deodorant sticks. Smile and look really cute when you say this. All women, I don't care how intelligent you are, can look cute and stupid if given the chance. It's one of our God-given gifts. Put it to good use.

If you've done it right, your shampoo will smell like really potent flowers... and so will your deodorant. I recommend Ladies Speed Stick for the deodorant, the one that smells like lilacs and lillies.

Send your husband off to his job, where if you're lucky, it will involve hard, physical, labor with guys who are boarderline homophobic, so concerned they are with their masculinity and that of everyone they work with. If your husband does not have this type of job, you'll have to wait until he's going to do some particularly "male bonding" ritual such as poker night, bowling, hunting, fishing, etc.

When he comes home, make sure to ask him about his day. The amusing stories he will tell you about smelling like flowers while "hanging with the boys" will be well-worth the bitter looks he'll give you while telling them. Laugh a lot at these stories. Especially the one about the guy who's one of his best friends both in and out of work, telling him, "You smell better than my girlfriend! GET AWAY FROM ME!"

End results? Hours of amusement... and your husband/boyfriend will have also stopped at the store on his way home and picked up his own shampoo and deodorant, proving thus, that he is capable of doing such, without you being their to guide him!

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