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You know, I'm really starting to hate the internet. We've had to reformat my computer again, thanks to all sorts of spyware and adware that somehow managed to make it on my computer. We ran all the diagnostics and "fixed" them, but the problem was that they wrote themselves to such vital areas that once we got them fixed, certain things stopped working. Like my ability to follow links from email. Totally gone. And, seeing that every time I check my email, I have 3-10 entries from rpg_promo I have to check over, I really can't afford to have that not working.

The ironic thing being that the sites I hit are for the most part, legitimate and honest, most of them aren't sleezy sites like warez and things like that.

I hate to say it, but one of the worst sites for putting unwanted junk on my computer is Snopes. Yes, Snopes. Every time I go there, I run Ad-Aware, then Spybot, and I find out there is all sorts of stuff on my computer I never asked for. Stuff that supposedly, my computer is blocking.

Well, this time we were able to update me to Service Pack 2, which is good, because it's got some security fixes. Plus, we got me better virus protection. Plus, we put all sorts of stuff on it to "keep my computer safe."

The problem being now, that I have to spend half my time on the computer running diagnostics and all such. Cause let me tell you, after all this crap, every time I get on the net, when I'm done I run Ad-Aware. So, it's like, "Hm... I have to do 15 minutes of stuff on my computer. I have three hours before I have to get off... yeah, I've got just enough time."

This is getting ridiculous. Really. I hear about people all the time who go to all sorts of sites and are doing just fine... sites that if I went to even for one second, my computer would become so infested with crap, it would have a meltdown. But other people go, and do just fine. Not me. I'm having to reformat my computer about once a month.

I'm awful tired of this... really.

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