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This is my life..

It snowed Saturday. I shoveled. It snowed Sunday, I shoveled.

It did not snow Monday, but I worked. Work got very very busy. I have a hacking cough and my sinuses will not stop running. I also have my period, which might not hurt, but trust me, does not help, One. Little. Bit. I haven't gotten a full nights sleep in... I don't remember. And shoveling the snow all the time seems to be making it worse.

It did not snow Tuesday, but I didn't feel very perky.

It snowed today. I shoveled. Twice. This made me feel even worse and did not help the hack and sinuses at all.

It is supposed to snow this weekend. They are saying it will be a whopper.

My landlady is on vacation. That is her right, and I'm happy for her... however, she does help with the snow when it snows, which I'm grateful for. The problem is that Todd sleeps most of the day, so I end up trying to keep on top of it so he can go to work. Thus, snow removal becomes my problem a lot. Todd tries, he really does, but there are limits.

I am so darned sick of snow, I could scream. The pit we have at the end of our driveway is full. The pit is about 4 feet wide and about 5 feet down. The pit is not just full, it towers over Todd's head. So... that means we have a pile of snow that's over 11' 6" tall... over 4' deep... and probably 15 feet across. At this rate, if we get the snow they are predicting, we'll have to start shoveling it to the end of the driveway... and gradually shortening the driveway.

The irony of this is that we have all this frozen water everywhere.... yet the air is so dry that my skin is literally cracking. And, when all of this melts come spring and everything around us is a marshy mess? The town will declare we have a water shortage and start making bans.

It's times like this that I really regret that I let my dad sell the snowblower when they sold the house. I would have found a place for it in our tiny apartment, I really would have.

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