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Deaf cat adventures.

I have a feeling Angel is not allowed on her owners bed.

I went up today the first time and I turned on the lights. However, no Angel. I took care of her box, took care of her food and water situation, and then went looking for her, because she is deaf, and she is alone and I know she loves her affection,

I saw her on the bed. She opened her eyes and saw me and this look of absolute panic flooded her face and she lept from the bed and ran under it.

So, I got down, looked under the bed and motioned with my hand. She meowed really loud then came out rubbing against me, like "Nope, wasn't me on the bed. Never be me on the bed. That was... uhm...my evil twin!"

Since no one told me she doesn't belong on the bed, I don't give a hoot if she goes on the bed or not, so I won't stop her.

okay, so the second time I went over, I brought one of my old blankets and put it on the bed, so if she isn't supposed to be on it, she at least won't shed cat fur all over it and give herself away. Does this make me a bad person?

I really like this cat. She's such a sweetie. A refreshing change from my cats.

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