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I'll do my own.

I started writing something Saturday night. I considered signing up for NaNoWriMo then, but the problem is, that at the rate I write, waiting until the 20th and having only until the end of November, was not going to be nearly enough time to write much of crap.

And, I have to admit, what I like are the nifty tool bars that tell you the progress.

It seems those nifty toolbars aren't connected to NaNo, so I figure I can keep my own count.

Sooo... here goes
Day two
8,787 / 50,000

I really should have posted this yesterday, which is why I'm counting it as "day two." Due to this cold/flu, general nastiness, I've been asleep most of the time today, so I don't count that I've had a chance to write today.

I may include parts of this...attempt at writing when I post my progress, I'm still debating that. If I do, I will do a general friends lock. No, people on my friends list are under no obligation to read it, so don't feel like I'll like you less if you skip it.

It feels good to write again. It feels even better that it's original. It's lame, it's weak, I'm not quite sure where the plot is going, but damn it, I'm writing.

Now, let me find my Dayquil and get back to work.

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