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But.. it's SQUISHY!

I have a squishy spot on my right knee.

You know, when you bend your knee, on the outside, the fluid gathers up and creates a small, squishy spot? Everyone has one, right?

Well... mine is rather large.

And it gets really large after I walk.

It doesn't really hurt. But if you put your fingers on it, it feels really squishy. Sorta like a water balloon, not filled very full. And, you can visibly see it too. It sticks up. I've had people go, "OMG! What happened to your KNEE?"

I try to explain to them that it happens after walking, that it doesn't really hurt, but they still act like I must be in terrible pain and just trying to be brave about it. It's odd, I've walked around with real injuries that did hurt and had people brush them off and tell me how they are nothing. My squishy knee lump immedietly gets me attention and sympathy by the boatload, and it doesn't even hurt.

I think I'm going to name the squishy spot "Ralph." It seems like a good name for a nice, squishy spot.

If I was really brave, I'd get a tattoo put around it and an arrow pointing up to words that said, "No, really, it dosen't hurt!"

I had a kid at the park today ask if he could touch it. Nice kid. Young kid. Asked first how I got the bad boo-boo and if my leg was going to fall off. When I told him it was just my non painful squishy spot, he goes, "Can I touch it?"

His mother was mortified. And I thought she was going to pass out when I said, "Sure, go ahead!"

Kid poked it gently a couple times, then grinned. "You've got knee jelly!" he crowed, quite delighted with himself. I agreed with that. Knee jelly is as good a term as any for it.

I'm betting this kid is going to go around poking knees for awhile, hoping he'll find someone else with "Knee jelly."

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