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As I was hitting the opening page for LiveJournal, I saw they had the August Status Post up. The first time I saw it, I would have sworn it said Angst Status post. Not sure if this is a need for glasses, or a weird mindset.

The funk I was feeling seems to be lifting. I think part of it is because I had a whopper of a case of PMS. Remember a few posts ago when I talked about menopause? Well, I wasn't joking. My schedual has been sadly messed up the last few months. And this funk lasted from about a day before when I should have gotten "it" until I actually did get "it." So, this is something I am not too pleased about to be honest. I can take a lot, but I don't want to fall into PMS funks that last for over a week. I just don't want to do it. I don't think my husband would be able to stand it either.

I think the other thing, which is much easier to fix, are new sneakers. I was having horrific knee pain... those who read the darq_walk journal may have heard me mentioning it... more like bellowing about it, like an angry bull. I was having pretty bad knee pain. Like someone had shot a bolt through my knee and was tightening it. I remembered having something similar to it when my shoes were wearing out the last time. But, since the budget was tight, and I'd replaced my shoes in April, I wasn't sure. But I did some checking and since April, I'd put on close to 800 miles with those two pairs of shoes. Average running shoes are supposed to last 2-6 hundred miles. That means 400 miles per pair I'd put on, so it made sense they might be crapping out. So, we finally figured screw the budget, my feet were more important. So, I bought two new pairs of shoes, mostly because Olympia knows my weakness and when I went up to buy just one, they had to be having one of their "buy one, get one for half price!" sales. And, they had to have my sneakers, not the real expensive ones I hope to own some day, but the Aura Grid TR6's that are my second shoes. And, they had the latest models, and while last year they were 85 dollars, this year they were 60 dollars. So... since we were figuring on spending 85 dollars for one pair, for 90 I got two. They're nice. One pair is grey and white with some red trim the other are blue and white with blue trim. The only thing I find kinda amusing was that my mother went out and bought me for my birthday, this grey and pink sweat outfit, a very nice one. She bought it because I was wearing pink, black, and grey shoes. I haven't been able to wear it, because it's just been too blasted hot to wear sweat pants, and now that the weather is getting close, I no longer have pink running shoes. So, now my mother's dreams of color coordinating me in every aspect of my life are shot to hell. But, for the absence of foot pain, it's well worth it.

I've been walking more this week. I'm still sticking with my plan of not forcing myself to walk 10 miles a day, but walking what I want to walk. And I'm not doing bad with that. With the pain gone in my knees and feet, it seems to be easier to motivate myself. I'll just be glad when fall really starts and the heat goes down a bit.

I've also been trying to drink a ton more of water. Instead of my usual two litter bottles of diet pepsi, I bought three 12 packs of cans instead, and 48 12oz bottles of Poland Springs. I allow myself to have my can of DP in the morning, then I have to drink water. I can have no more than three cans of DP in a day, but I can drink all the water I want. I started this Monday. I still had a two liter bottle of DP left. As it stands now, I only have 16 bottles of water left, the two liter bottle of DP is gone, and I've drunk one can of DP.

At this rate I'm going to have to find an alternative for water. The problem is, and I admit it, I'm lazy. I hate our tap water... I also hate using glasses. Yes, I'm rude and slug my DP straight out of a two litter bottle if it's just me and Todd at home. I'm more likely to drink water if I can just grab it out of the fridge, nice and cold, pop it open and drink it, but it can be expensive. I might have to look into one of those things you attach to your faucett. Then, I could fill up my empty bottles and put them in the fridge.

So, that's what's been going on with me. Still wondering where time goes to, but at least I'm not so damned exhausted all the time.

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