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Something I've always wondered about.

Goten and Chrissy adore ham.

Remy adored ham.

Zaphod, Morphia, Maxwell Edison, my parents cat, and every cat I've ever know, has adored ham. I mean adored it to the point where they will almost go stupid to try to get it. Even fairly well behaived cats I've known have suddenly become ill manered idiots trying to get ham.

And, while I'm sure there are cats out there who do not like ham, I've never offered ham to any cat in my life, who didn't take it eagerly.

So, why the heck don't they have ham cat food?

I've had cats that will turn up their noses at seafood, yet you can get a million varieties of seafood catfood. I've had cats that won't touch beef, yet you can find lots of beef catfoods.

But no ham.

And the fact that this has been on my mind enough that I've decided to post it to LJ of all places, tells you I am in sore need of more entertainment in my life.

Time to go smack pet the cats.

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