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I know a lot of people won't agree with it. It seems we've become a society of "You will improve yourself whether you like it or not, and if you don't, we'll pass laws to make sure you do!"

But I like it.

I am walking 8 miles a day. I started doing it for me. I really get resentful when people, especially people who I barely know say things like, "It's about time you did something." Like my health is any of their business.

I feel the same way about seatbelt laws. I wouldn't dream of driving without wearing my seatbelt. But, I weighed the evidence and I made a choice. I'm an adult. I think that ticketing people for not wearing seatbelts is just another example of "'let us decide what you will do with your life, like it or not!"

I think half the problem with humanity is that we're no longer allowed to hate.

This isn't a bad thing in itself. But, it used to be that people could hate something. Durring times of war, the entire country could rally around and say proudly, "I hate those (insert nasty name for enemy)! I hope they all die!"

And everyone pretty much agreed. Yes, those rotten bastards were causing this stupid war, and killing our young men to boot! Bad, bad them!

Now the world is smaller and you're not allowed to hate the enemy. Or, if you do, you'd better keep quiet about sharing that viewpoint, least you get lectured.

Well... you know, we weren't stupid back durring the days of WW1 and 2. We knew deep down that these countries we were at war against were human being too, deep down. We knew as they were killing our young men, we were killing theirs too. We knew that they had families they worried about, and even if the leaders of the country were a few cards short of a deck, that the people themselves were basically like us. They worried about their lives, their jobs, their families. They cried when they suffered pain, they laughed when they were amused. But, we didn't worry about that too much, they were the ENEMY and we had the right to hate them with a passion.

And.. it gave us a focus for our hate.

Now, I'm not saying that hate is good. It's not. But, it seems that human being need to hate. As much as we need to love, we need to hate. Maybe it's a balance thing. But we can't hate anymore. We're too PC to hate. We feel it's wrong to hate, so we tell ourselves we don't hate.

But that need is still there, and we need to channel it into something that's socially correct.

So, we start looking for people doing things that offend our sense of morality and the light clicks on in our heads... That's it, I can hate them! And by golly, who can get mad at me for hating </i>them?</i> After all, they're doing something that's bad!

So, thus, you start dividing the world by your own little definitions of hatred. "I hate fat people." "I hate smokers." "I hate people who eat meat!"

So, now you have your enemy, but it's a lot closer now. It's your neighbor, your coworker, maybe even your family.

Oh, some turn to pity. "I pity that poor, fat, person. I know he/she can't help it!"

But watch how quick that pity turns to hate if that person actually doesn't mind being who he/she is. "Why do you feel sorry for me, cause I'm fat? I like being fat. Food is good and I like to eat it!"

"HATE YOU! You are FAT and you should either be desperately trying to lose weight, or crying cause you can't lose weight!"

Yeah, we try to think we've evolved... but we're still animals. And we're still at the top of the food chain. We're the #1 preditors on this planet, and we didn't get to be that way by being "nice" and "tolerant." We got that way by being mean, vicious, and intelligent enough to be able to come up with clever ways to eliminate our foes as fast as possible. We're talking millions of years of evolution in which we whomped anything that threatened us. We wish we could be more evolved, but we're not. We still need to hate.

Yes, the opinions expressed in this are purely my own and you're welcome to disagree if you want. I still have the right to my opinion. Yes, that hasn't been taken away from me yet. I'm sure though, that somewhere, someone is trying desperately to make sure it will be though.

But be careful...once you get everyone following your tune of what life should be, you'll have no one to hate anymore.

And yes, if you wear your seatbelt, never smoke, exercise 1 hour a day, every single day, never eat carbs, never drink, never eat meat, never eat fat, never take any drugs except for those perscribed by a doctor, etc. etc. you still will die. No, you can't change that. I know there are a lot of people who seem to think they have that little game beat, but no... you might be able to prolong your life, but you will still die.

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