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I walked 10 miles yesterday, broken into three walks. Well, really 2.5 walks. Between the first and the second, all I really did was drop off my backpack.

But, between walks, I decided to go to Salvation Army and see if I could get some work shorts and a pair of jeans that fit me a bit better.

Yellow tagged items were half off. So, I found a pair of shorts for work that cost me 3 dollars. They're Dockers, which is the brand that they say at work they "want" us to buy, but we usually don't cause Dockers aren't cheap. Dockers amuse me because when I was growing up, they were considered the ultimate dork pants, and now they're expensive and supposedly trendy.

I got a pair of levis that are just at the point of comfortably broken in for 6 bucks. Waist 34". They fit me. They feel slightly tight on me, but I suspect that's because I've gotten used to waistbands that fit very lose on me. I can wear them, but I am aware I have something around my waist when I do.

The other thing I bought was a pair of overall shorts. Now, this is what amuses me. I saw them, they were very cheap (1.50) I looked at the size inside, I snorted and figured even if I didn't fit into them, I could buy them and save them.

Got them home, tried them on, they fit perfect.

They are Liz Claiborn and they are size 6.

Uh huh. Size 6. I have a 36" waist. Yes, I know that I buy 34" waist jeans and they fit, but that's because the jean companies want to make you feel better, so they lie. But still, even if my waist was only 34", that is in no way, shape, or form a size 6.

Now I understand when you meet these people who go, "I've lost weight, I was a size 16 and now I'm a size 6!" and they claim to have done it in a very short amount of time, what they've done.... they just switch to another clothing maufacturer.

I have to wear these up to my parents next Sunday for Mother's day, just so I can show them the lable. I think we'll all get a good laugh out of this. Size six indeed.

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