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There are times like these...

When I just don't care anymore.

My shoulder is killing me and I don't know why. It's been killing me for a few days now, on and off. I've tried ice, I've tried tylenol and it still kills me.

Heat helps. But, I don't have a heating pad and there are only so many showers one person can take, you know?

Yes, you can all yell at me for this one. Friday night I got desperate and Todd offered me one of his Vicoden. I accepted. It made me one sick puppy. Vomited Friday night, felt queasy, sick, and foggy all day Saturday. So bad that I had to call in sick to work. I feel terrible about that, because I agreed to work as a favor to the manager and then I wimped out.

Normally, I would never dream of taking anyone's pain medication but my shoulder hurt that much.

It felt okay when I walked today, but now it's aching and throbbing again. I hate this. I just want it to stop. Right now it feels like someone is trying to yank my arm out of it's socket. And there is no position I can put it in that doesn't hurt like a sonofabitch.

So, needless to say, I'm in a foul mood. I missed last week's walking goals because I was stupid enough to take Todd's pain med. Missed them by one stinking mile. I'm doing okay today, but yesterday was a total waste.

I just want this shoulder to stop aching. Or, at least to find a position to put it in that it doesn't ache.

I injured my shoulder many years ago at a place I worked. After a lot of jerking around, they finally gave me a cortazone shot, sent me to PT and I got better. I'm wondering if the shot has worn off. Either that, or I've been working my arm too hard when I work out at Curves.

Gah, this entry is just turing into a big self pity post. Not fair. I'll come back when I'm feeling more like myself.

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