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Either this is a stupid idea or someone else probably thought of it already...

I was walking the other day, and for some reason, even though I had great tunes blaring in my head, I started thinking about perminant accounts at Live Journal.

Seems like every time Brad or someone at LJ says anything someone leaves a comment that says, "Hey, when are you going to offer perminant accouts again?"

Honestly, I swear Brad could write, "Guess what? Tired of LJ. Think it sucks. Stopping it. Bite my hairy ass!" and the first comment left would be.... "I luuuuv you Brad! You guys at LJ just ROCK! So, when are you going to offer perminant accounts again?"

Ehem.. but anyway, the response is usually that they don't really want to offer perminant accounts for a hundred bucks but they aren't sure what to charge. And, I can see that. If someone has their journal...forever, after four years, their journal is really free.

But, there must be times when LJ must want a little push... some extra cash to come in a larger chunk, so they can... uh, I dunno, buy themselves a bigger server or have a wild, drunken orgy.

So, I thought, "They should offer a Gold and Platinum account."

Gold = 100 dollars. 5 years. That's giving you one free year, which alone would make it worth it to me, if I had a hundred dollars when it was offered. Give 10 extra icons in those five years. Make the little thumbs up symbol in a spiffy gold color and maybe a little sparkly thing around it.

Platinum 200 dollars. 10 years. Let's face it, do you know where you'll be in ten years? Do you know if you'll even care about LJ in ten years? Maybe, but 10 years is an awful long time to not worry about it. Give them 20 extra icons and make the thumbs up symbol in a spiffy silver color with a sparkly thing around it. If you could make the sparkly thing blink a bit, you know there are people that would buy platinum accounts just to stare at the sparkly thing. Let's face it, most LJ users are slaves to TEH SHINY!

Further incentives... if you give a gold or platinum account as a gift to someone else, your account gets an extra month or two months. (Month for gold, two for platinum) That one may not work, because people with two accounts will end up buying them for each other. But, it's a thought.

I could see where they might not want to offer these all the time. Giving away free years is not always good business sense, but still... you gotta figure that out of those accounts, you'll have at least some people that will buy them and then tire of them before their time runs out. But, they could offer them on a limited basis at times that they want to raise extra money in larger sums. "Okay kids, we're offering 1000 gold accounts, first come, first serve, and 500 platinum accounts"

*Shrugs* As I said in the beginning, chances are either someone else has thought of this, or it's a stupid idea. But for some reason, my mind kept running over it while I was walking. So, I thought I'd write it down. Then, maybe people can tell me that someone else has thought of it, or tell me why it's stupid, and it will leave me alone.

We had dress down day at work for charity. I wore shorts, even though it was cold, cause I knew it would be hot at work. This is the first time I've worn shorts in public, except at Curves in years. The shorts were a pair I had from a restaurant I worked at several years ago. Supposedly they have a 34" waist. (I say supposedly, because my waist is 36"... waist sizes lie to make you feel better!)

But... I realized something as I put on those shorts. Except for the fact that they are way too pale, my legs are looking good. Really good. I still hate my upper thighs when I sit down, but when I stand, my legs look...dare I say, fantastic. Yes, they aren't skinny legs, but they are muscular. Poke them and you get almost no give. And, when I put my feet together so my ankle bones are touching, my legs don't meet except at the knees and upper thighs. Otherwise, there is space between them. Yes, space. I haven't seen space in a long time.

It's funny...I never would have considered my legs to be my best feature, but I am starting to see that they are now. I'm still assless woman, but I have good legs.

Maybe I'll take a picture of them someday. Providing I still feel this way about them tomorrow.

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