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Snow, rain, they drive me insane

I need to motivate myself to get to Curves before Todd gets home from PT.

The only problem is that of course, it's raining around here... and while I'm not made of sugar, I really hate getting soaking wet.

But, on the one hand, it will give me almost two miles to walk down, do the Curves thing and walk back. As much as three miles if I take a lap or two through the park.

I decided last night that I want to buy a harness and one of those retractable leashes for Goten. But I want to get one of those retractable leashes that would work for a St. Bernard dog. That way, I figure I could take Goten outside, and when he got too far away, I could just hit the button and he'd come flying back to me like a feline yo-yo.

This probably makes me a bad owner. But the mental picture in my head is amusing.

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