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The stupidest diet advice I've heard in my entire life.

I may not have the wording exact, but the idea is exact.

I am not kidding. I was told this in total seriousness today.
"I found a great way to cut back on calories! When I make condensed canned soup, like Campbells or something, I only use about half a can of water. That way, the entire can is only about a serving, instead of two. which means it's almost half the calories."
Yes, I did clarify she was talking about water, not milk or another liquid that might actually contain calories, such as wine or beer. No, I did not attept to correct her that her logic is flawed. I figure anyone who can't guess what's wrong with that idea, would never grasp the concept that water does not add calories.

And to think folks, this person is the product of billions of years of evolution.

I weep for the future.

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