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Short, but an update...

We are back from the hospital.

Todd did very well. *big happy grin* Better than I even expected, to be honest. The doctor had talked Monday, like he wasn't sure he was going to find much, or that chances are he was going to find something that couldn't really be fixed (arthritis)

Well, what he found was a bunch of irritated tissue and some scar tissue, which he cleaned out and smoothed. We have pictures and everything! He's really confident that he's found the problem and fixed it. The only real worry he has at this point, and he doesn't even seem to be too worried about that, is that it could have been caused by arthritis. But, since the other side of the knee is perfectly fine, he's pretty optimistic that it's not arthritis based.

Todd now has a perscription for Percosett. Which I had to show two forms of ID and practically swear an oath that I would not sell it on the streets before they would let me have it. Todd wants pizza for dinner. What Todd wants, Todd shall get, except for the beer he wants. He can't have that until tomorrow.

But, we are home. He is fine. Tomorrow we go to the doctors to have the stitches removed (wow, that seems FAST!)

I am a much happier camper today. And I'm going to go pick up pizza and spend time with my husband.

Thank you to everyone who sent their best wish vibes, prayers, etc, our way today. It means an awful lot to me that you all cared. And clearly it worked. *g*

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