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Uhm... that's better.

Well, seeing that it was safely past the days of bloat, I was reweighed today. And, yes, I guess I'm more "normal" than I thought I was, because it turns out instead of being 169lbs (losing 2lbs) I'm 166 1/2 pounds, which means I lost 4 1/2 lbs this month. That sounds about right. The goal I've been shooting for is 4-5lbs per month. And the bodyfat was 36.10. Which means I lost 1.70%, which seems more "right" to me.

The peice of paper they gave me says I lost 3.63 lbs of body fat. Okay, I have no clue what that means. Well, yes I do... but I have a strong feeling that's just a number put there to either make me feel good or bad. I mean, if water weight can affect your body fat percentage, that number could mean that I just drank a lot of liquid.

Either way, I feel like yeah, I am progressing. Except, now I have something new to bitch about and you can all throw sharp pointed things at me if you want. My latest problem is that all my pants are getting too big. Now, this is not a horrid problem, as they aren't so big that I can't wear them, but they are big enough so that the pedometer doesn't always work with them.

But yet I'm just not quite in the small pants I found. Almost... so very almost it isn't funny. If I can do this month what I did last month, I'll probably fit into them just fine. But right now they are just a tad too tight.

Yes, I could buy a belt. But, I hate that look when someone is using a belt to seriously hold up their pants and you see them all gathered pinching away. For some reason, every time I see someone doing that I get the heebee jeebees. I can't explain it.

So, I should probably look for a new pair of pants. Which I hate to do, because esentially, I plan on being even smaller, so I'm basically buying a pair of pants hoping I'll ingrow (Vs. outgrow) them in a month or so. That goes entirely against my "I hate buying clothes and even more so, I hate buying clothes unless I know I will wear them for five years!" way of life.

A good solution would be to buy used pants from Salvation Army. And, I would do that, except there are no dressing rooms, and no returns, so I wouldn't know if the pants fit.

"Ah," you say... "Well, you were mesured, go and buy a pair of 36 or 37 waisted pants and you'll do fine! If you want them not to fit too snuggly, go for 38"!"

Silly mortal! Clothings sizes mean squat.

The 38" pants I have now are way too big.

My bust measures 42", yet the 40" bras I bought are all getting too big.

Sizes are a damned joke. I've known for years that women's sizes were a big joke, cause what the heck does the 3, 5, 7, 9, 12, etc mean? Honestly, what does that stand for? Your weight at birth? It's just a number, and it's open for translation depending on who makes the clothing.

But I always thought we had a little more honesty from men's clothing. I really thought that if you bought a pair of men's pants with a 38" waist, then by god, that waist was 38". Now I find out that's a lie.

I wish all clothing manufacturers would sit down and agree that 30" is 30". It is not 32", nor is it 28", it's 30". Same with any other inch mesurment. By god, if you say it's 40", it better not be 44". And if people don't like it, that's tough. At least then people could buy clothing without having to try it on.

And don't even go there with "But what if it's a tight fit, lose fit, medium fit..." cause I don't care. Besides everyone knows what feels best on them. If I buy my husband jeans, I get him lose fitting jeans. I know better than to get him straight cut.

Honestly, if I had half a talent for making clothing, I'd design a line of honest clothing. "I don't care if you say you fit into a size 3. In my shop that means you have a XX" waist, and that's what you buy if you want it to fit.

I figure I'd be in business for about three minutes. Then, I'd get beaten to death by angry mobs of women who would swear to god they have an 18" waist.

But, right now, I have to go and take my walk. It's a beautiful day today so I'm actually going to really walk and not just glomp around my living room, causing my cats to believe there is an earthquake!

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