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To sleep, perchance to have some screwed up nightmare...

I fell asleep early last night, which was okay... clearly I needed it. But I also ended up waking up a 4:00 in the morning, because I had this really messed up nightmare.

It started out mellow... so weird for me. Usually my nightmares start out right with me being chased by 12 foot killer bees or by some lunatic with an electric carving knife. Then they get pretty bad. But this one started out with me working in a movie theater. Which I did for awhile in High School and College, but I wasn't in HS or college in my dream, I was me, I just happened to be working at a movie theater.

So, I'm working, and for some reason, I grab a huge bucket of buttered popcorn (which I really can't stand to be honest.... I like popcorn, but not that horrible lardbutter they put on it) and skip out the door. I'm not schedualed to leave, I just say, "Aw, screw it, I'm leaving!" and I leave.

I go over to this guys house. I don't know him, but I have to bring him something. Don't remember what... probably the tub of popcorn, which I've been nibbling on.

He lives in this house that is build way way up, like a house on stilts, and I have to walk up like a thousand steps to get to his door. I go to the door and knock.

Turns out his front door leads right into his shower. It's a double dutch door and he opens the top part, water all around, water pouring everywhere. He's covered in soapsuds.

He also looks like Tim Conway. *shrugs*

So, I tell him I have something for him, feeling slightly embarassed that I've knocked on his shower door, but honestly, it was the only door to the place. He opens up the bottom door to grab whatever I'm bringing to him, slips on the soap and goes tumbling down the stairs like some rag doll. Lands at the bottom, all bloody and twisted. (I told you this was a nightmare...)

I run down and I can see blood bubbling around his nose, barely. I know if this guy doesn't get serious help, he's going to die. So I run upstairs, run into his shower, and open the door behind the shower, that leads into this relatively normal looking kitchen. I grab the phone and dial 911. When they answer, I go, "HELP! I'm at (give address... forget what it was, but I knew it in my dream) and someone here is hurt, please send an ambulance! I think he's bleeding to death!"

There's this long pause on the other end. Then this voice goes, "Well, hold on a moment, Missy... what happened?"

I'm hysterical. Deep down I just know that if they don't get out here fast, this guy will die. "He was wet from the shower and he slipped and fell down this tremendous flight of stairs! He's at the bottom still, I haven't moved him, but he's all covered in blood! Please come quickly!"

Another tremendous pause. "Well, Missy, why should we believe you?"

"Because why would I lie about something like this?" I'm screaming now, crying and sobbing, knowing this man's life is in my hands, and if an ambulance doesn't come soon, he will die. And I know in my dream, it will be my fault, because clearly I'm not saying the right thing to the folks at 911 to get them off their asses.

"Now wait a moment, if we just lept up and ran out everytime we got a hysterical call from someone, we'd be sendin' ambulances all over the place." The more I talked to the guy, the slower he talked back. "How do I know this is a real emergency and not just some prank call you cooked up, cause you were bored?"

"I'm not lying! This guy is going to DIE if you don't get out here right away! WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO TO GET YOU TO SEND AN AMBULANCE!"

"You have no right to yell at me. I've got feeling too ya know. I'm hanging up."

"NO!" I'm holding onto the phone, shaking and crying. "Please, I'm sorry! Don't hang up! Oh God, I'm so sorry I yelled at you!"

"Well...." There's a long, long pause. "I guess that's better."

"So will you send an ambulance?"

"I don't know... ya did yell at me and hurt my feelings..."


"Hold on... let me get my supervisor... maybe he'll send out an ambulance. But I'll warn you missy, you curb your tongue with him... he's not as nice as I am, and he's likely to hang up on you, soon as talk to you."

And I'm put on hold... forever. I finally woke up, crying hysterically. Todd didn't have to work last night and he came to see what was wrong, cause I was saying, "He's going to die and it's all my fault!"

Now, this is typical of my nightmares in one respect... as I'm telling Todd about it, I'm immitating how the 911 operator sounded and all such... and he starts laughing. Oh, he tries to hide it at first, but pretty soon he's giggling madly. I mean, this was one of the worst nightmares I ever had. I felt bad enough cause if I hadn't gone to deliver something to this guy while he was in the shower, he never would have answered the door and slipped... and now, because I'm saying all the wrong things to Emergency, I can't get them to send an ambulance to come and get him.

Although, now that I'm thinking about it, it almost does seem like I was in the middle of some gigantic joke that I just didn't "get" The house, the guy having a shower right inside his front door... then the operator being all "sensitive" because I'm upset.

I have to wonder if the dream had continued, would the guy have come walking up the stairs, laughing and going, "You fell for it!" And then the 911 operator started laughing on the phone, going, "Hah hah, jokes on you!"

Still would have been a nightmare... I hate it when elaborately stupid jokes are played on me.

Now it's almost 15 hours later, and this dream is still bugging me. I hate it when that happens.

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