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Shameless bragging...

Okay, so I didn't get much of a chance to walk today, because I had to work tonight. And.. work was a total zoo. I was also in the smoking section, which is the furthest away from the kitchen. As a results, I put in 12,019 steps at work... which is roughly about six miles worth of walking, just at work.

Add that in with the four and a quarter miles I walked today, and we have 10 and 1/4 miles I walked today... Not bad huh?

Well, since it's Saturday, it's time to do the stats for the week... *Drumroll*

Week of 12/21/03
Number of walks = 7
Total walking distance = 42.75
"Other" miles = 20.25
Total miles walked = 63 miles

I keep staring at the numbers... in shock. 63 miles I walked this week, between going for walk and work and all such.

Wow... 63 miles... 42 3/4 miles by going out for walks.

Part of me disbelives it, then I look at my feet, and all the blisters and I know it happened, I know I did it.

Oh yeah, I did set up an account for my walking journal. Yeah, I'm going to put it on LJ soon. Between turning in my codes and the lovely gift someone sent me... I have enough to pay for it for at least six months, so what the heck. It's not that I'm against drivelbox... it's worked really good for me, but I'm a bit paranoid that it will close down someday, and I don't want to lose all the statistics I've gathered so far. I want to be able to look at them next year, if I'm still walking. (Which I pray like hell I will be...) I really have little fear of LJ closing down.

But... if you're interested, the journal name is darq_walk No, I don't expect anyone to put it on their friends list... it's pretty darned boring, just my "I walked this far today... I felt like such and such..." But, it's there if anyone is interested. And, like I do with this journal, I'll add anyone who adds me.

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