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Here's the names of everyone and their pets. I had to start putting the pets on a separate list.

1: Azurelunatic
2: Ghostangel
3: Nisse
4: Bratbitch
5: Curly Jo
6: Neonnurse
7: Dischordia
8: Msanborn
9: ciardhapagan
10: Zanne
11: Rubyliss
12: Maladaptive
13: Initefall
14: Elkoralish
15: Calico321
16: Wenchamok
17: Dreagoddess
18: Meiran
19: Nightwalker
20: _rabia_
21: Pantherpg
22: Auronsgirl
23: Sevenall
24: Melodist
25: Uten
26: Pirogoeth
27: houounoaizou
28: Sylk
29: raindroproses
30: pixie_alice
31: bohemiantheif
32: Rubywitch
33: Joscelin
34: Tenebris
35: Mysteri
36: Naath
37: Blob
38: Perkypauduan
39: jbones
40: ladylion
41: Paladin
42: Firebird308
43: Crantz
44: Darqstar
45: Todd
46: edana_ni_emer
47: Brian (Mysteri's mate!)
48: dadelenah
49: Icewing
50: Nostalgia
51: Marz
52: Incognito_kitty
53: Julia Greywords


1: eris
2: shammash.
3: Tux
4: Miss Priss
5: Stormy
(Curly Jo)
6: Bunderschaft
7: Belladonna
8: Ralph (In Memory Of)
9: Pumpkin
10: Nebula
(Zanne Chaos)
11: Oz
12: Sadie
(Ruby Lis)
13: Sam
14: Tater
15: Scribbles
16: Pidgeon
17: Guenivere
18: Dawn
19: Tawni
20: Dc
21: Smokey
(Mysteri & Brian)
22: Nathan
23: Aliya
24: Tiger
25: Goten
26: Christmas (Chrissy)
27: Remy (In Memory Of)
28: Zaphod (In Memory of)
(Darqstar & Todd)
29: Bugs
30: Linus
31: Juju
32: Thing
33: Lexi
34: Sox
35: Chrys
36: Etcetera
37: Tigger
38: Sabrina
39: Tibby
40: Squeaker
41: IanMcKellen
42: Jace
43 Lusipher
44: Rocket
45: Spooky
46: Javert
47: Hitler
48: Tuffy
49: Beardy Boy
50: Slow Mo
51: Oliver
52: Camo
53: Souix
54: Ginger
55: Rosebud
56: Fluffy
57: Boots
58: Lucky XXVII
59: Set (In Memory Of)
60: Mr. T
61: Cinnamon
62: Callie
63: Munchkin
(Julia Greywords)

63 pets
53 humans
116 names!

And... what was donated was...

8 bottles of Bleach
5 bags of dry kitten food
55 cans kitten food
12 cans cat food
7 bottles of pine cleaner
3 sacks of kitty litter (25lbs)
11 bottles of dishwashing detergent
1 package of cat toys
1 package of reusable wipes.
2 bottles of laundry detergent
22 rolls of paper towel
127 items donated.

Yes, the items outweight the names, but bites_the_sun made a cash donation, which I used to buy extra stuff. Yes, I know at least one other person offered to send me cash to help with this, and I did refuse, telling them that I'd rather they used the money for their local shelter or food bank. I made an exception for dadelenah, because she's 'in transet" right now, and really doesn't have a "local shelter" to donate too.

Yes, the shelter is very happy. At some point they will be emailing or snail mailing me with a thank you, which I will post to this journal, so all of you can read it.

I really think they were pleased. Our last drop off was Wednesday morning, and when we went in, the volunteers and the workers all shouted, "Look, it's Mr. and Mrs. Clause again!" Something tells me we way outdid anyone else who was donating.

So, even though at some point we'll get an official thank you, I'd still like to thank you all myself... all of you who took the time to support this idea and leave a comment saying you'd like to participate. Thank you. It may not have seemed like much... "Okay, so I leave a comment... maybe two...." but look what it lead to! A pretty simple thing, but it helped make a shelter pretty happy. A 34 cent can of kitten food probably seems like nothing, but when you donate 55 cans of it, you know that's a lot of kittens that will get a chance to eat. Bleach and pine cleaner will help keep the shelter clean.

And for everyone who is donating to shelters or food banks in their own area? Thank you as well.

I'm seriously thinking of doing this for my birthday too. *g* Only this time, I think I'll do some research and see if there are any dog shelters that are no-kill in the area, and share some of the wealth with them as well. I do like dogs. I can't own one, cause of where I live, but I have nothing against them.

Again, thank you. All of you who signed gave me a fantastic gift. A chance to help cats who need it, while they're waiting for good homes. And, I admit, it was fun. Going to various stores, trying to hunt out decent bargains. We went to three different supermarkets looking for different varieties of Friskies canned kitten food, because the Stop and Shop we shop at only sells the turkey. We now know that Shaws sells Turkey, Ocean fish, and Mixed grill. Food Basket sells Turkey and Mixed grill. Yes, if I ever adopt a kitten, I'll know where to go for kitten food!

Sorry I didn't post this Wednesday or Thursday, but I seem to be fighting off a cold. By the time I've finished with work and taken my walk, I'm pretty much wiped out for the day.

So, one more time... thanks. This will always be a very special Christmas for me. And I have all of you who's names are at the top of this post to thank.

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