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First off... Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Nothing much has been going on. Todd had today off, so we went out and looked at things, because looking is free. However, the looking turned into buying, when I found a pair of very comfortable all white sneakers for work. (Yes, our shoes must be all white) Now, I have a pair of fairly good condition all white sneakers, that I bought at WalMart, but since I've started walking, my feet have become really really "picky" and now cheap shoes bother them a lot. Yeah, I can wear cheap shoes if I'm just going out somewhere, where I'll probably sit most of the time, but to work? No way.

Besides, it's been busier at work the past few times I've worked and I've been doing more running around. Sooo, we just figured better work shoes are important, so I have them now.

And, speaking of walking, I learned my lesson and I don't care what I read on any website. My feet and legs do not want to walk every single day, at least not right now. I walked Sunday, after working and I did all right (I had also walked Friday and Saturday) Not great, but all right. Considering I had worked, I figured this was fine. But Monday, I was barely able to walk half my usual distance and my feet started to ache.

So, yesterday I worked. Yes, we were slammed straight out for about three hours. Fairly decent money. But, my feet were killing me. Today, the ball of my left foot was really aching, along with my right knee. I told Todd that I thought I should skip walking today and try to walk tomorrow, before we head up to my brother's place to meet with everyone for Thanksgiving. He agreed.

So, my figures for this week's walking will not be nearly as good as they were last week, but at least I think I've finally learned that I need to do what my body feels is best, not what some web site tells me is best.

I'm still kinda blown away that I'm eventually expected to get up to 4 miles an hour while I walk. I can't see that happening for a very long time. At least not if I'm going to walk an hour a day.

And yes, ever since falling on the contractor's head, Goten hasn't been nearly as eager to run out into the hall whenever we open the door, so thank god for small miracles.

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