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Work was a bust today, and it started out so promising. I got smacked with 6 tables all within about 20 minutes. But... that was it, and I mean it. The place just died after that one little burst.

The good part was that they let me leave around 2:00, so I was able to go for a walk down at the park before it got dark. I wasn't able to do as much as I have been doing (eight laps... the park is, as far as I can guess, between 1/4 and 1/3 of a mile to walk around the whole thing) But I did four and some of the smaller laps. Took me about 50 minutes. My MPH was bad, but I'm not complaining to be honest. I was walking along the edges too, which always slows me down.

But, my feet and legs are really letting me know they were used today. Oddly it always seem that the legs are the ones that complain. I figured it should be the lungs, cause let's face it, that smoking isn't very good for me, but the lungs always feel we should push it. "Let's go further... let's go faster! C'mon, we can do it!" It's the shins and the soles of my feet that are grumpy. *g*

It's weird to think that we've only been back from vacation for a week. It seems like it was so much longer than that. That's the whole problem with vacations IMO, the effects of them disappear so quickly.

I found out yesterday that buying "youth" athletic socks is better than buying women's athletic socks for me. First of all, they're a buck or so cheaper. Second, they actually fit my foot. With women's socks, the heel always winds up around my ankles. I don't really get it, because I have a size 7 foot (in most cases... sometimes I need a 6 1/2 and in a few cases, I've even worn a 7 1/2) isn't that about the average foot size? And my feet aren't super thin... I have bought wide width shoes and been comfortable. But with socks, I never fit into them.

I also bought a tiny bottle of tide yesterday. It's only enough to do four loads, but I didn't buy it for doing laundry, laundry, I bought it for washing stuff by hand. This sits on the bathroom sink nice and neat. And yes, considering I don't have a washer and drier, I do wash a lot of stuff by hand. My socks and underwear for one. Even when we can afford to drop off our laundry to be done, I still wash the socks and underwear by hand, cause I'm weird like that.

When I came home from work today, both Chrissy and Goten/Visa were downright insistant that I pet them. The problem being, they don't like to be within ten feet of each other. So, this was making things a bit difficult, cause I could pet one, and the other would start crying like, "Pet mee! Pet meee! Oh for the love of God, pet MEEEEEE!" Finally, I went to the bathroom, which of course meant that Goten would join me, which he did. So I petted him in the bathroom for a bit, then I went out and petted Chrissy. I think they both counted the number of pets the other got and Chrissy ended up slightly ahead, because she stared at Goten with this Most Smug Look on her face, like, "Yes, we know who Mommy's favorite is, don't we?"

I figured I owed her, because when we came home from vacation, the first cat to get to me was Goten/Visa and I did pet him first, which made Chrissy, One Mightly, Snitty, Bitch. Cats are more like children then you might realize. Whoever gets something first is clearly the winner.

When I was out today, I wore a thin, longsleeved shirt and I was fine. Now that the sun has gone down, it's getting colder. If this keeps up, I might actually start to believe it is winter.

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