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Not a bad day...

I did the laundry today. No, I did not drop it off for someone else to do, I did it myself. And I think my husband has been hording dirty socks since the day we married waiting for this moment, cause I almost did an entire load of just socks

I also walked. But, due to laundry, I didn't get started until after 4:00, which meant it was starting to get dark and I didn't want to go too far from home. So, I walked up the street to the very steep hill, walked up that road, cut through a side street, walked down to my street, then walked around the block about five times. Ended up walking for about 25 minutes and clocked 1.02 miles, which wasn't bad.

I also worked "volume" (Meaning that I work only when it's busy lunch time and get cut first thing) and made ten more icons. Yup, all Excel icons. Todd is wondering if I can really do all 50 with Excel. I think I can.

I have to work tomorrow. But I don't mind, cause that will give us some cash to take on vacation with us. Yes, we're leaving FRIDAY! I talked to the landlady as well, and made sure she's covered for taking care of the cats. So far, Chrissy and Goten suspect nothing. I would like to keep it that way, until we're getting into the car, but I think they'll start catching on Friday morning when we're packing. If that doesn't clue them in, when I put out the 7 temporary liter trays, that will really clue them in. As Goten rushes to use each and every one of them cause God forbid that Goten doesn't immedietly soil any kitty liter within a fifty mile radius.

I changed my sheets too. Which means I held off my normal 'after walk' shower until just before I go to bed. Cause I like to be as clean as possible when I climb into a bed with clean sheets.

I used WalMart fabric softener sheets. So far, they seem to be about the only ones I've found that I'm not alergic to.

And on the "icky" side of life, Aunt Flo visited on Monday... but instead of being annoyed, I was pretty happy. This means by Saturday it will be gone, gone, GONE! I was figuring I'd get it right as we left, cause that's usually my luck. </l-j>

Work could have been a little busier today, but other than that, I think today was pretty darned good! So, I'm off to make dinner. Chilidogs, cause Todd's been hinting for weeks that he wants chilidogs. And, I can take the extra chili with us on vacation. Yes, the place we're staying has a full kitchen!

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