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Halloween's over... vacation comes next.

Last night went well. People loved the costume, I just got a little tired of people asking where I bought it and freaking out when I said I got the clothes at Salvation army. I didn't think it looked like one of those cheap WalMart costumes.

The girl who won the contest, won by blatent cheating. She was coming up to everyone and giving them this bullshit story about how she needed the money to buy her mother a birthday present, and she wanted to make extra sure she could buy something nice because her mother's in the hospital. Later, we all heard her on the phone telling her boyfriend that "I made an extra fifty bucks tonight, so I'll take YOU out drinking!"

All she did for her costume was put on a nurses dress.

Four people saw her stuffing the ballot box too.

Over ten of her entries had the exact same handwritting.

I was willing to let it go, until she gave us all this, "Aren't I special? All I did was put on a dress and I won!" speach, then I lost it and told her that we all knew she cheated, that no one was pleased with her, that the hostess should have won, but we could all choke that down, if she'd just shut the fuck up about how wonderful she was.

She started getting pissed off, but the manger started cracking up. "I'm not going to yell at her for being honest!"

Other than that though, it was a lot of fun. It's weird dressing up for work, but I like it. Wish there were more excuses to do it.

I'm waiting to see what the reaction will be tomorrow when I walk in and they see that I wasn't wearing a wig. *g*

Today though, for some reason, I woke up and felt like crap. Tired, my head is horribly clogged. I thought I was over the flu, but it seems the cold has decided to lodge itself in my head and just stay there forever. I wanted to go for my walk, but I just didn't have the energy. Laid down on the couch and sacked out for about five hours. I just hope I'm over this by the time we go on Vacation (friday)

I feel guilty for not walking. I wanted to be walking at least 4 times a week. Last week I had the flu and managed five times. This week, thanks to the rain on Wednesday, I only managed three times. And, I have to work tommorrow, so I probably won't be walking tomorrow, unless I wake up extremely early.

My ears are clogged. Anyone know any good cold medicine that will help drain my ears too?

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