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Amusing the woodland creatures.

I took my walk today, went down to the park and played a game with a squirrel. Yes, that's right, obviously cats are not enough for me, and I have to branch out and bother other furry creatures with my lust for games.

But to be fair to myself, the squirrel started it!

Our park is quite nice, and quite large, with many food paths weaving through and around it. And, lots of nice, big, trees, many of them oaks and maples. There is one big one that's along a corner, so as you walk up the path, you end up walking past three sides of the tree, before you pass it. So, I'm walking up the little hill before the tree, and there is a very large, very bushy tailed squirrel by the edge of the tree, closest to me. And he's just watching me, his tail flicking. I keep walking.

As I get close, he darts just around the other side, so I can't see his body. Then he peers out and watches me walk up the path.

Just as I begin to round the corner so he'll be in view, he skirts around the tree again, and pops his head out to watch me. I progress till I'm on the other side of the tree, he skirts around again, but keeps his head poked out to watch me.

I wasn't any further than a foot away from him the whole time.

I thought this was just some sort of coincidence, until I did my second lap, and he did the exact same thing. Played this game of, "Hide around the tree!" with me, every time watching me carefully, little tail flicking, tiny little eyes bright as a couple of black onyx beads.

Third lap, same thing. The third time, I did slow down just a bit to see what he'd do... walked up towards the tree sloooower, and he skirted around to the other side... slooower, and so on and so forth.

I really should buy some peanuts and bring them along on these walks. I don't want to stop my walks, but I can pop a peanut or two out of my pocket and toss them in the general direction.

My father used to tell me that squirrels were just rats with better PR.

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