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All things considered, I'm pretty pleased with myself. I don't feel very good at all and it was suggested heavily by Todd that I skip the whole walk thing today.

But, I told myself if I start skipping now, it will get easier and easier to skip. And I felt bad enough, because I really didn't work yesterday, although I showed up for work... (passed off the shift, cause I felt like shit) and i didn't walk either. So, instead I made my usual compromise. I'd walk the same distance I walked the day before yesterday, but I'd do it at a much slower pace.

So, I walked down to the park, at a steady pace. I don't want to say "slow" because I do not walk slow even on my worst days. I've always been one of these people who's normal pace is hurried. But I tried to keep it steady. I felt okay when I got to the park, so I ended up doing three laps around the park at the same rate. If the distances I've been told are correct, I did 3/4 of a mile. And, if you count walking down and back, that was probably a mile.

Considering the condition I'm in, I think that was damned good of me. As I was walking home, I felt it though.

Park was nice. Only saw a few people out and around. A couple other women who were doing the "power walk" thing. I could tell by the way they were swinging their arms and how determined they were walking. Oddly though, they directly across from me in the park, and stayed half way across the whole time I was taking my last lap and they were taking their first. Which made me feel good, cause clearly, I was walking at my slow "I don't feel good" pace, the same rate they were at their "power walk" rate.

I felt it walking home though. Nothing i couldn't handle, but the muscles on my left leg were reminding me they'd been used.

Made my entry in my walking journal to mark the progress when I came home (after stretching a bit) Cats are miffed because I haven't fed them yet. they seem to think any time I leave the house and return, it's time to feed them. I've been ignoring them. Now they are curled up on the bed sleeping, so now I think would be a good time to feed them. *evil grin*

The park is a nice place to walk. The "lake" (Which is nicknamed "Social Ocean" around here, because the street the park is on is called Social Street) has been drained. But, the leaves are in full, vivid color. It was cold enough today, so that I'm thinking when winter hits more fully, I might need to do something about having proper clothes. My chest and legs were fine, but my fingers were a bit cold. But the trees were well worth it.

A couple times in my life I've been living or staying somewhere besides New England when foliage was at it's height. Both times I missed it. I'm spoiled. When winter comes, I expect to see trees turning all sorts of vivid shades of orange and scarlet.

It's clearly fall, but it smells almost like winter. There's a snap to the air that makes me think of snow. Up where my parents live (about a 40 minute drive) they did have snow yesterday. Enough to cover the ground with white. Yuck. Hope it doesn't snow while we're on vacation.

But yeah, I'm very pleased with myself, because I think I had a great excuse to back out of this whole walking thing today, and I didn't let myself do it. Not bad for someone who can reason just about anything away.

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