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I'm sure everyone has noticed that LJ seems to be having some problem with the comment mailing feature.

I'm getting comments in some screwed up order, sometimes quickly sometimes later. I'm answering the ones that I feel need to be answered as I'm getting them.

But, I thought I'd give a heads up if someone suddenly gets a comment from me and wonders why I'm responding to something they might have said two days ago.

In other news, I have a rotten, nasty, cold. Yes, several people on my friends list seem to have rotten, nasty, colds. But I thought I was going to be lucky.

On the one hand, this should be all over by vacation, so I'm actually glad for that. But on the other hand, it simply sucks majorly, because while I don't feel totally down and out, every time I try to think, I find the thought process is just... gone.

I think I'm going to attempt to curl up in bed and get some sleep. Or at least watch TV, where I won't have to think.

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