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No walk today

It's 37 degrees outside and it's raining. Yes, I should at least bundle up and take a quick walk around the block, which will take about five minutes. That would qualify, but I'm so blasted cold. I'm having the debate with myself, cause I'll at least feel better if I do that, but it would mean freezing.

Not to mention, I am just... tired. I did sleep last night, about 6 1/2 hours, but it feels like I haven't slept at all. I still have two library books, one almost finished, one yet to begin. I have a nice, cozy, bed. The temptation to say, "screw it, the world will keep turning" is overwhelming. And I know a quick walk around the block isn't going to do a darned thing for me, physically. It's just that it will show me that I am taking this seriously. To take a day off for weather now, will tell me that I'm willing to cheat. How soon will it be that any reason is an excuse to back out?

I really hate rain. Especially cold rain, because it just makes me want to curl up, stay warm, turn on the tube or read a book and be a total slug.

Goten, on the other hand, likes rain, because it creates a source of amusement for him for hours. His game is to sit on the window ledge and bat at the raindrops as they smack against the window. If he gets one of those water riviletts that run down the entire window, that's even better, cause then he can chase it down to the end. So, not only does he get the joy of playing with something that moves, but his paws stay nice and dry. Dry paws are a good thing in the world of the cat.

I found out yesterday, that there are no restrictions on our Halloween costumes at work, except that they can't be "too revealing" Yeah, like I want to show off this body, you know? And the shirt that I'm wearing is so unrevealing, because it's huge on me. Which is actually good, because I don't recall a lot of pirates with 38 C's bouncing around on deck, at least not in the movies I've seen. I've considered even getting an ace bandage and "Tightening down the hatches" so-to-speak, so that the "days stubble" won't look too weird.

"Look, Mommy, our server is a crossdressing Pirate!"

"Jr, it's not polite to po- holy god, you're right! A transvesite pirate! Augh! RUN FOR COVER!"

Of course, the makeup kit I bought has this great "zombie" makeup that will make your face look all green and cracked, so I've been flirting heavily with going as a zombie pirate. I don't think I will though. Oh, another interesting note on the makeup... They say to create a bruised look, put blue and red dots in the area you want to be bruised. Then it says, "Do not blend makeup." Hmmm... the last time I checked, bruises are blended, they aren't just little round dots. I think we may have a misprint.

And... I found out that the hair dye I bought says "If your hair is significantly lighter than the dye, it can take much longer to fade." This should be interesting. Todd can't wait, because we're going on vacation the 7th and as he puts it, "I can go off on vacation with another woman!"

To which I say, "If she promises to cook while we're down there, that's fine with me!"

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