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Today's walk....

...was the longest one yet. About a mile all told. Yes, I feel like a total wimp, because I'm sure there are people who walk a lot more than that. But, considering my average distance has been about half that, I'm pleased. And I walked at a pretty fast clip too. Walked down to Blockbuster, returned the movies we rented, then walked to the library. I only really took a "break" when I hit the library, to get a drink of water, then continued.

Passed the police station, which has their latest "catchy slogan" billboard up. This one reads, "It won't kill anyone to drive sober." I think the last one was "It won't kill you to buckle up." Do we get the idea that the Woonsocket Police are really fond of the word "kill?"

Then, instead of going home right away, I walked down to where the Stadium Theater is, for no damned good reason. A kid about 15 came up and asked me if I had a quarter. When I told him I didn't, he shook his head, laughed at me and said, "God, what type of bitch don't even have a quarter to her name?"

To which I said, "Very true, but at least I'm not reduced to asking total stranger for money." Which left him speechless, so once again, I'm guilty of engaging in verbal intercourse with someone who needs protection. God, I love this city at times. I am not a brilliant person. But honestly, at times I feel that I am the one eyed person in the land of the blind.

I rewarded myself for my wity verbal sparing by coming home, slapping the headphones on my head, cranking up Music Match and dancing around my office to Aerosmith. (My headphones have a very long cord.) Even decided to prove how MATURE I am, and grabbed the professional, but non-working microphone I own and playing rock star. Tried to get Goten and Chrissy to be my backup singers, but they declined and instead gave me looks of utter contempt. I think they really resented when I lept up on the bed, where they were attempting to sit.

Which answered the burning question in my mind... "Will an inexpensive futon hold the weight of a leaping 180 pound woman?"

Yes, yes it will.

Kids, don't try this at home. I can, because, well, I'm a dork.

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