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I hope this is the start of something decent.

I took my walk this afternoon. I've been too stagnent lately, so I've been trying to go for a walk on my days off, at least. I don't give myself a distance, I don't give myself a time. (Must walk for one hour! Must walk three miles!) I tell myself if I walk around the block, I've done good. The important thing is just to get out and walk.

So far, I've been doing this for a couple weeks. Skipped Sunday, but yesterday, thanks to the parade, I walked to and from work, which I figured made up for it. I really have to walk to work more often. It's not a bad walk.

Today I walked up the hill, which is at the end of my street... then I took a cross street, walked down, then walked up another smaller hill to my street. I was gone about 1/2 hour. Thought it would take longer.

I'm far from "in good shape." I'm overweight, I know. My legs are bigger than they should be, however, unlike my stomach, you poke my legs and you don't get much "give" Same with my arms.

Todd wants to rush out and get me an MP3 player, to encourage me. And I admit, something like that would be a blessing. However, I have started things like this before and always given up on them quickly. Not to mention, we can't afford an MP3 player, thank you very much. I've finally got the bills under control, as in any charges on the utilites are current, and not a backlog from previous months.

I figure vacation will be a good test. According to the standards I've set down for myself, I'll have to take a walk every day on vacation. I am willing to give myself one day off though (We're going for nine days this year...) but I won't have work as an excuse, so I'd better take that walk.

If I'm able to follow the walk pattern over vacation (November 7th starts it) and when I get home, at Thanksgiving, I'll mention it to my parents and suggest it as a potential Christmas gift. This will give me a chance too, to see if I'll be able to continue this through the winter. I'm sure there will be some days that are just too cold and nasty to walk, and I figure on days when I have to shovel the snow 5 times or more, that I won't worry about taking a walk, I'll be getting enough exersize.

Now I kinda wish we'd taken Mandy when we had a chance (Springer spaniel mix puppy) Then I'd have no choice. I'd have to walk the dog every single day.

The neighbors across the street have two yapdogs, and I really don't like them.

I wonder if there is a way I could volunteer to walk someone's dog? It would give me the motivation to take longer walks. And, it would be good for the dog.

Maybe I should call the senior center and see if they have anything for that.

Other parts of my life. Todd and I had a fantastic dinner last night.

I'm thinking of changing my icons. I love Excel, but I'm getting bored with them. Problem is I can't think of anything else to do. Sure, I could get more Excel icons, but I want to do something new.

Every day, I become more convinced the internet is getting more and more like a playground, with all the playground politics. Take that for what you will.

Goten is demanding I either feed him his canned cat food, or donate my legs for him to chew on. Since I need my legs for walking, I'd better give into him and feed the little bastard.

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